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Brown Slipper Tails .... Up
Pink Slipper Tails .... Up
Slipper Lobster Meat .... Up
Red King Crab Leg and Claw .... Up
Green Lip Mussels .... Up
Squid .... Up
Kingfish Whole Gutted .... Up
Tilapia .... Up
Scarlet Snapper Fillet .... Up
Warm Water Lobster Tail .... Down
Black Tiger Prawns .... Up

Note: This update status represents the current pricing adjustments of Sea Port Products, and does not necessarily reflect the current market levels of the general seafood industry.


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Sea Port Products is excited to introduce a totally immersive pro-seafood initiative?.Go Blue!

Go Blue! represents seafood and stands for all the correct messages related to seafood. 
Go Blue! is the aspiration to guarantee seafood continues to be harvested and farmed in
environmentally friendly and sustainable ways, including the need to provide support to
organizations that assure such.   Seafood consumption continues to increase in the
United States ? and it should!  Seafood is the protein with personality ? it's diverse,
exotic and provides health benefits for the young and old alike. 
This is why we at Sea Port feel it is time to Go Blue! 

Enjoy Seafood for Your Health, Choose Seafood for Sustainability, Support Seafood for
Your Environment.  Sea Port will start to put the Go Blue! logo on their seafood items
starting in 2007.

This introduction is the beginning of an initiative that will continue to evolve and
encompass everything that is right and good about seafood, as well as anything that needs
to be improved and will improve....a message and commitment that needs to be heard. 

We invite all our customers, suppliers and friends in the seafood industry to spread the news. 
We?re all the wave?.the wave is blue?..Go Blue!

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